What is ADHD?

ADHD: Fact, Fiction and Beyond
A Comprehensive Study of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
by Dr. Victoria Martin, M.D.

ADHD is more than a list of symptoms, brain scans, psychopharmacology and neurobiology.  It’s real people with real issues.

For a moment let’s forget about graphs, pharmacology and scientific hoop-la.  Let me describe what ADHD really means to those afflicted with this debilitating disorder.


  • forgetting his backpack
  • being grumpy in the morning
  • having a fit when plans change or something unexpected happens.
  • getting in trouble for:
    • humming
    • pulling the pigtail hanging in front of him
    • sliding off his chair and chasing the pencil
    • sliding off his chair and chasing the pencil
    • throwing spit wads
    • arguing with the teacher
  • having no friends or belonging to a fringe group
  • forgetting to do an assignment or turn it in or choosing not to do it at all
  • making failing grades
  • pulling away from mom and running into the parking lot
  • riding a bike into the street without looking
  • sticking a finger into an electrical outlet
  • falling out of a tree
  • hanging himself accidentally on the gym set


  • flunking out of college
  • spending 10 years going to college
  • going to eight different colleges
  • changing majors five times
  • not going to college
  • flunking out of high school
  • feeling stupid
  • feeling inadequate
  • feeling like a failure
  • being fired from jobs
  • going from job to job
  • getting jobs below his intellectual ability
  • feeling frustrated at being “passed over”
  • having marital problems
  • having financial problems
  • having social problems and no friends
  • getting divorced
  • having mva accidents
  • getting involved in substance abuse
  • dying from mva, drugs, alcohol, road rage

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  1. this is so true… i have struggled for my entire life with ADHD. medication has helped but im currently off it and honestly i have never struggled so much. my attendance is worse then ever, my grades arnt the best and i cant pay attention if my life depended on it.

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