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No Pass, No Play Law Has Very Adverse Effect On Many Students!

Press Release

Dr. Victoria Martin, a Child Psychiatrist in Richardson, TX. is becoming increasingly concerned about the “no pass, no play” law and the effect it is having on our children.

“I am sure that this law was passed with the best of intentions but it is time to acknowledge it’s complete failure”.  “According to many educators I have spoken with, there have been very few, if any, children who have truly benefited from this unjust rule”. “Many students I see as patients have definitely suffered because of it”.  “It could be better titled the “no pass, no live” law for many children”.  Dr. Martin feels strongly that if weighed in the balance, this rule does far more damage than good.  It is a means by which children who are already feeling like failures are made to feel even more so.  It takes away from many of them their only source of achievement and self-esteem.  This will only lead to increasing anger, frustration and hopelessness”.

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ADD (Children and Adults): Personality Trait or Disorder?

By Victoria Martin, M.D.

Even though Attention Deficit Disorder has been studied for years as a disorder of childhood, there is mounting evidence that a large percentage of the population have characteristics or personality traits consistent with the diagnostic criteria of ADD. This includes adults as well as children.

Impulsive behavior in different areas such as impulsive spending, inability to delay gratification, excessive use of drugs and/or alcohol, extreme impatience, risk-taking behavior, etc. are notable in many adults.

Children may ride bicycles into the street in front of cars, destroy toys, have temper tantrums, be overly rough with pets or younger siblings (even though very fond of them), etc.

Easy distractibility evidenced by a need to have quiet or orderliness in order to perform a task, or a tendency to move from project to project without completing the preceding one are also indicators of ADD.

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