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ADHD: Fact, Fiction and Beyond

A Comprehensive Study of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
by Dr. Victoria Martin, M.D.

ADHD has got to be the most misunderstood, but at the same time, most researched disorder known to man. Some folks still believe that it is just an excuse for being lazy and forgetful. Also, there are plenty of urban myths about ADHD being over-diagnosed, and stimulant medications being over-prescribed.

We are going to spend some time explaining exactly what ADHD is; and how it effects all areas of someone’s life. We’ll dig into the history and genetics of ADHD, and it’s etiology, or the various theories on what causes the disorder. I’ll explain the diagnostic criteria, the evaluation process, and which mode of treatment works best with ADHD. We have a lot of material to cover and I think you’ll find it interesting. If nothing else, you’ll learn some new acronyms (just what our culture lives for), like PET, SPECT, MRI, SUD, ODD, CD, NIMH, and more!

Lets get started!

No Pass, No Play Law Has Very Adverse Effect On Many Students!

Press Release

Dr. Victoria Martin, a Child Psychiatrist in Richardson, TX. is becoming increasingly concerned about the “no pass, no play” law and the effect it is having on our children.

“I am sure that this law was passed with the best of intentions but it is time to acknowledge it’s complete failure”.  “According to many educators I have spoken with, there have been very few, if any, children who have truly benefited from this unjust rule”. “Many students I see as patients have definitely suffered because of it”.  “It could be better titled the “no pass, no live” law for many children”.  Dr. Martin feels strongly that if weighed in the balance, this rule does far more damage than good.  It is a means by which children who are already feeling like failures are made to feel even more so.  It takes away from many of them their only source of achievement and self-esteem.  This will only lead to increasing anger, frustration and hopelessness”.

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