Famous People with ADHD

Notice that these are all people who think "outside the box".  There are also a lot of very creative people.  Sometimes being a little "different" or not fitting into the norm, can work to your advantage.  We hope this encourages you.

Bill Cosby Jim Carey Harry Belafonte
Cher Kirk Douglas Ann Bancroft
Dustin Hoffman Robin Williams Suzanne Somers
George Burns Steve McQueen Tracey Gold
George C. Scott Sylvester Stallone Whoopi Goldberg
Henry Winkler Will Smith Lindsay Wagner
James Stewart Tom Smothers Danny Glover

Pablo Picasso Vincent Van Gogh Ansel Adams

Bruce Jenner Pete Rose Magic Johnson
Jackie Stewart Babe Ruth Micael Jordan
Nolan Ryan Jason Kidd Greg Louganis

Leonardo Da Vinci Orville & Wilber Wright Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Edison William Wrigley Alexander Graham Bell

Sir Issac Newton Galileo Albert Einstein

Anwar Sadat Abraham Lincoln John F. Kennedy
Winston Churchill Prince Charles Dwight Eisenhauer
Robert F. Kennedy Woodrow Wilson Nelson Rockafeller

Walt Disney FW Woolworth Andrew Carnegie
Henry Ford Malcolm Forbes William Randolph Hearst

Please feel free to suggest more famous people with ADHD by leaving a reply-comment below!

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